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All about The Good Grammar Company.

Improving grammar and punctuation doesn't have to be boring!

The Good Grammar Company offers staff training for schools and businesses, helping them get to grips with grammar. Whether you need help understanding the differences between a clause and a phrase, applying commas and apostrophes appropriately or knowing whether to use 'practice' or 'practise', The Good Grammar Company will have the perfect in-house or off-site staff-training solution. All you need is your sense of fun!


About The Good Grammar Company

I am Kathy Salaman and I set up The Good Grammar Company in February 2013 to help companies and schools overcome some of those grammar gremlins to which we are all vulnerable.

Grammar has been considered 'untrendy' for many years, resulting in a generation or more of school leavers who are unable to understand the idiosyncrasies of written English.

Now the problem has been compounded by the decision to include a Grammar and Punctuation paper within the Key Stage 2 national tests. Suddenly, primary teachers all over the country are expected to teach children how to distinguish between clauses and phrases; how to identify main and subordinate clauses; how to apply apostrophes correctly; and how to understand the subject and object of a sentence. This is a nightmare for teachers who have received little or no grammar training of their own!

Of course, the failure of the current state education system to teach grammar as a discrete subject means that many adults in all walks of life lack the skills necessary to produce appropriately written letters, emails and reports. Furthermore, many of these adults will be parents of children now taking the new tests, so will be expected to understand grammar in order to help their children succeed at school.

The Good Grammar Company can help. Training sessions are organised for teachers who need to boost their own grammar skills; business employees who need to send regular emails to customers; and parents who simply want to keep abreast of what their children are learning at school.


About Kathy Salaman

I completed my degree with the University of Cambridge whilst in my 30s, so understand the pressures involved in learning new concepts long after compulsory education. Since graduating, I have had a successful teaching career spanning the primary, secondary and sixth form sectors, specialising in the teaching of English Language, as well as teaching undergraduates at the Cambridge University summer schools.

Teaching has helped me to realise that the current education system is cheating children and young adults, with many leaving school unable to produce the quality of writing necessary in business, or even for general adult life.

After leaving teaching, I became a freelance tutor, proofreader and copy-writer. I found that working with schools and companies is a more efficient and enjoyable way of helping a greater number of people get to grips with grammar, punctuation and vocabulary.

I have been married since 1986 and have two grown children as well as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier adopted from Wood Green in January 2013.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, taking my dog for long walks and watching The Simpsons.