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Find our what others are saying about The Good Grammar Company.

What recent delegates found useful:

'Commas, semicolons and when to use capital letters.'
'The card exercise was useful for demonstrating clauses.'
'The use of commas - when to use them and when not to!'
'When to use 'me' and 'I' - I didn't know the difference previously but now I do...'

See what team members at Conference Cambridge said about their Grammar for Business Workshop in December 2013:

The workshop was 'fun and informative and we all learned something! I was also impressed with how you managed the different levels of expertise amongst the delegates.'
'I enjoyed the workshop and others will too.'
'Everyone can benefit at some level. Changes assumptions and improves years of wrong-doing!'
'You covered everything we asked for and more. It was very comprehensive.'
'I would recommend [The Good Grammar Company] to others.'
'I found the workshop really interesting...'
'You think you know your grammar but quite a lot is forgotten over the years. It's always good to be refreshed. ... I think grammar is important.'
'Everything was marvellous!'

Steve T Barman @thirstfirst

I attended Kathy's Grammar Workshop in September 2013. It was the first time that I'd ever met Kathy and right from the very first minute, I found her extremely friendly and approachable, but more importantly knowledgeable. I took a lot away from her workshop and would have absolutely no hesitations in recommending her to anyone. After all, it's not just about Grammar in Blogs or Web content, it's important in your every day emails too and can instantly mean the difference between gaining or losing clients.

Anita Turner, Virtual Lily

I thoroughly enjoyed Kathy's presentation. So many people forget the importance of good grammar, not only on websites and publicity material but also in general day to day emails. I learnt such a lot, can't wait until next time!

Kirsty Inman, Marketing Assistant at IMI Europe

I learned so many useful ideas and techniques during the workshop. I for one struggle with where to put commas, and so this workshop has made me feel more confident.

Kathy makes everything fun and it was easy to follow with real life scenarios and group activities. I would definitely recommend it.

James Rodgers

"I thoroughly enjoyed Kathy's presentation on Grammar Gremlins. If you are looking to improve your grammar for your website or publicity material, then going to one of Kathy grammar workshops is a must. I can't wait for the next one."