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All about The Good Grammar Company's Business Services.

Corporate Training

Have you ever been embarrassed by errors on your company's literature?

Perhaps members of your sales team forget where to put apostrophes and commas; or you have recruited recent school leavers who, despite having good GCSE grades, lack the basic grammar knowledge appropriate for an administration role.

Grammar and punctuation mistakes occur more often than we would like to admit and can undermine a company's credibility, losing prospective customers and costing you time and money to put right.

If employees or colleagues within your company feel they would benefit from brushing up on their long-forgotten grammar knowledge, or if they are among the many who did not study grammar at school, The Good Grammar Company can help.

We provide writing workshops for companies, ensuring staff have the opportunity to build on their existing grammar knowledge, become aware of the most common grammatical and punctuation errors and feel confident applying appropriate 'rules' in their business writing.

Improving grammar and punctuation skills doesn't need to be dull! Employees from all manner of companies will benefit from these informative, fun and interactive sessions, which encourage logical thinking, team work and self reflection. Improving grammar will make a real difference to the quality of your staff's business writing.

If your business relies on clear and effective written communication, contact The Good Grammar Company: call 07704 804026 and ask for Kathy or email me at [email protected]

Prices for Grammar for Business workshops start at just £25.00 per delegate for half a day's training, including refreshments.

To find out more, call 07704 804026 and ask for Kathy or email me at [email protected]